About Reiki With Katie


Understanding Reiki

Reiki (pronounced Ray - Ke) is a Japanese word, translated as Universal Life Energy.  This amazing Life Energy is found all around - within objects and all life form, including us.  This energy, or “ki”, should be strong and free flowing to enable complete wellbeing with peace of mind.  Reiki is a method that helps to clear blocks or strengthen weakened energy enabling you the opportunity to embrace a calmer, clearer, holistically better you.   


Understanding Katie

As a Mum of four I was looking for something that would enable me to find a piece of me again, rejuvenating interests and loves that had been put to one side.  Early in 2016, I began my Reiki journey and was lucky to find the joy and benefits it gave to me as a practitioner and to others as my guests.  At any opportunity I was constantly widening my experience anywhere that would allow me. And a year later, in 2017 Reiki With Katie was born.  I started by adapting a room in our house to practise. Following the amazing support and feedback I was encouraged to move forward and now Reiki With Katie has its own purpose built home. 


How can Reiki with Katie help?

Reiki works on the holistic person - the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual person.  The idea of the spiritual person does not refer to Reiki as having any religious connections - spiritual is whatever you feel it to be for you.  Reiki has the power to heal on varying levels, though this is not a guarantee!  The release of your blocked energies will enable free flow, promoting many benefits including relaxation and calm when you need it. One session will hold its benefits, the more your have, the more it will achieve.  Whether it is one session, or you choose more frequent experiences at intervals of your choice, Reiki will do its work.  The best bit, is that it can only do good!  And the next best bit is that you won't even know it is happening!